PC repair service is an expense to be reckoned with

This self-study guide, compiled from exercise and quiz newsletters, gives you quick control over all aspects of the configuration, updating and troubleshooting of a Windows PC and working with PC repair service. You can completely disassemble your computer, change the internal elements and assemble it. You will also learn how to install or update various versions of Windows (from Windows 7 to Windows 10) on a single computer and in a network environment, as well as configure Internet access.

In accordance with our commitment, we offer you a new version of this name. Readers who have already studied the three previous versions will find additions related to the evolution of technology in this book. This book, intended primarily for a well-informed public, will also become a valuable source of information for those who are called “microcomputer correspondents,” who are involved in companies troubleshooting first-level problems, maintaining and upgrading IT assets. Maintenance technicians will also find an educational tool that is often missing from this business. A large audience may seek knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems.

In the family world, the need to equip multiple computers connected to the Internet often creates obstacles to configure and troubleshoot these home networks. This audience will be glad to find here a practical guide to the microcomputer. This book, specially designed for training, will be useful for trainers who will find practical and very detailed training manuals. This type of target course requires adequate support, which most textbook editors do not have. The highlight of this guide, many practical exercises will help you apply the knowledge gained. We advise you to have hardware and software on hand that will allow you to complete these exercises. The more material you have, the better it will be for your training. After reading this book, you will completely disassemble your computer, change the internal elements and reassemble. You can also install the operating system and applications on both a single computer and in a network environment.

Whatever the field of activity, a company cannot do without a computer tool. Whether you are part of a large company, a liberal profession, or even a technical profession, computer science plays a crucial role. The main difficulty lies, first of all, in the variety of equipment, operating systems and applications that you may encounter. Some equipment may appear from a different age, while others will reflect what is best in the field. Therefore, we found it useful to offer a book combining technical knowledge for the installation, operation and optimization of systems of different generations. Written in a simple, understandable, and widely displayed language, this manual is primarily intended for practical use; test everything you can. The entire practical part of this book has been tested on real platforms, and we guarantee that everything works. This tutorial will help you prepare for troubleshooting, tuning, and updating your computers. It is intended for self-study or, as part of classroom instruction, allows the trainer to go through presentations and monitor students’ understanding during seminars and quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Students will appreciate this during the training, because they will be able to follow the trainer’s explanations of how and when his presentation. After the course, this book will also allow them to redo practical exercises and, thus, better control of the subject.

In this first chapter, after a brief history of microinformatics, we will discuss all topics related to maintenance. The equipment that will be used to service and service the various parts, the safety measures that must be taken before starting work, and problems associated with electricity. Take the time to learn it, you will find practical tips and some rules that you must follow.

This page with a rich illustration and full practical advice is devoted to the repair of the main electronic devices: computers, game consoles, smartphones, cameras, hi-fi, video projectors. For each type of device, diagnostic and repair methods for the most common faults are provided.