Computer repair. How to troubleshoot and resume work

Computer owners are often in vain asked about the technical specifications of their machine. They cannot answer such a simple question as: What is your computer or hard drive?

Before asking for a computer repair or ask a computer guy, Windows provides you with all the information you need: click the Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and System Information menus. You will be given the speed of your computer in megahertz and the amount of RAM in megabytes. Regarding the amount of space on your hard drive, click the “My Computer” icon and click on the hard drive to see the amount and space occupied by your data. In doing so, pay attention to the software installed on your computer and its version. You can find it by opening each software and clicking “?” Or “Help” in the menu bar.

Your computer must be balanced. This means memory, microprocessor, motherboard, hard drive, video card and so on should be of the same nature. For example, a Pentium 4 computer with a 1 GHz microprocessor and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM is unlikely to use multimedia features on the Internet. Its 60 GB hard drive is likely to be expanded to 250 GB. He will be pleased with Windows XP as an operating system. Before continuing, contact the staff of your favorite computer store that you trust, because optimizing your computer can cost you a lot. Feel free to apply for a second examination.

As for a used car, be careful. Do you find it cheaper to upgrade or get a new computer? First, evaluate the usefulness of your computer and what you want to accomplish as tasks. Please note that if you want to do computer graphics, advanced digital photography or games, you will need a modern computer with the most modern components.

Therefore, it is important to know where you want to go, what you expect from your computer, and how these goals and expected results fit into your overall development strategy. Now that we’ve made a short review of what exists, we suggest you start by choosing good practices and traps to avoid!

You must take an inventory of the software installed on your computer, as it takes up a lot of space on your hard drive. It is useless to install 3 copies of different office suites, while only one is enough. What software do you have? Refer to the Software Workshop for an inventory of the various software categories. Operating system, office suite, antivirus, Internet software, multimedia software and computer solutions.

What is installed on your computer? If you bought a laptop, what was installed on your computer? Often, the manufacturer installs temporary software that you will never use. We will send you automatic notifications asking them to activate them. Not only do these unknown programs take up a lot of space, they can cause problems with work and incompatibility with other programs. Do not allow anything to be installed on your computer. Work with the software you know, study it, and if you accept it, always keep the same original disk, license ownership documents and instructions

As long as you use these programs, you must keep the original documents of your software. Whether it’s drivers, software on DVD or CD, operating instructions and license confirmation, including passwords for reinstalling them.

Caring for your computer begins by cleaning your hard drive. Check your hard drive space regularly first. To do this: Click the “Workstation” icon in the “Start” menu. Select a hard drive to get information. The frequency of cleaning your hard drive depends on how you use your computer. As a rule, a frequency of 2 times a year is enough. If you use your computer every day, if you notice a slowdown in the device or you have problems, look at this side first.

Spray compressed air onto the fans. This is the power supply on the back of the computer; It is the microprocessor that the graphics card, if any. Do not forget about the ventilation grilles and the inside of the computer. If you can leave the house, it’s better because you will see that the operation causes a lot of dust. It’s amazing.